Retaining Walls

K&H has decades of experience constructing retaining walls for our customers and find no area too difficult to work with. While we realize that retaining walls are a functional necessity, we understand that done right they can add to the beauty of your pool and transform your surroundings into the exquisite space you always dreamed of having.

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 K&H specializes in construction of the following types of retaining walls:


1Stone Wall_small

Stone Walls

Our dry stacked or masonry stone walls provide a natural look.  With rocks in an array of shapes, sizes and color, our stone walls add a natural appeal to your new space. K&H will work with you to coordinate a subtle matching appearance between your rock retaining wall and the type of pool deck you choose to maintain a natural flow.







Architectural Landscape Blocks

Available in a variety of styles and colors they can add beauty to any sloping landscape.









Concrete Walls

K&H constructs concrete retaining walls for substantial strength.  Constructed along the same lines and degree of strength as a home foundation, the concrete retaining wall is the preferred option for higher grades and slopes.






 There are many benefits to constructing a retaining wall:

Create the space you desire but have been unable to have due to your landscaping

Add a beautiful focal point to your surroundings

Add value to your home

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