Pool Construction

K&H Pools uses it’s decades of experience in the in-ground pool construction industry to provide you with what we believe is the best construction possible.  What sets us apart from other pool construction contractors, is that the walls in our vinyl swimming pools are constructed of poured concrete that is reinforced with steel. This great aspect gives our swimming pools superior strength.

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Step 1







The pool site is excavated
and leveled.

Step 2







The pool forms and steps are
put in place.

Step 3






Swimming pool walls, similar to your house foundation, are constructed of 10-inch thick, 42-inch high, poured concrete reinforced with 
steel in a variety of shapes and sizes. Concrete is 3,000 lb. mix with 3/4 inch stone.  Grounding rods are set in the pool’s four corners for electrical grounding.


Step 4






The pool is backfilled and the floor is finished 
with a vermiculite cement mixture, which is porous as well as firm and resilient.
It resists 
the formation of pockets or footprints on the pool floor and is nonabrasive to the liner surface. 


Step 5






A 1/4-inch protective foam insulation is glued between the concrete wall and the pool vinyl liner, which acts as an insulator as well as soft protective cushioning.  The result is warmer water and a pool liner with a lasting life. 

Step 6


 An aluminum coping or liner track is installed to accommodate a cantilevered edge, brick edge, or stone edge.


Step 7


Your choice of pool liner is installed. Every liner is made to our specifications to fit your custom designed pool.

Step 8


Your choice of pool decking is constructed. (stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, broom finish, brick, or colored concrete)

Step 9


Your swimming pool is ready to
enjoy for many years to come. 


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